Who Is Jenn Ray


Jenn Ray is an unconventional, God- loving Minister, Psalmist, and budding Entrepreneur with cutting-edge, sultry, and fundamental strategies. She pioneers new ways of thinking & new methods of doing when it comes to worship & sex, relationships, and identity. She believes that worshippers make the best lovers, and that if we would truly understand worship and how to do so - in spirit and in truth - our relationships would flourish. It is from this foundation she shares the Worship & Sex Phenomenon and empowers men & women in their relationships with God, themselves, and others.  

Today she is the author of:  

- "Worshippers Make Better Lovers"  
- "30 Days in a Faith Fight"  
- "Cracking the Code: Communicating with Men" 
- The Anthology, "Restored by the Pen"
Jenn Ray is passionate about leaving a legacy of restoration, freedom, and transformation so generations to come will be everything they were created to be. She is gifted to empower your worship, sex, and relationships; and to minister restoration to people from all walks of life. 
Jenn Ray is a doting wife to her husband, Jason and mother of two children. When she is not ministering the Love of God through speaking or worship, Jenn Ray enjoys empowering love through food & travel. She believes that it is important to 
"Eat good food & have fabulous experiences for yourself and with others" ~Jenn Ray
 Jenn Ray helps others to do both through her travel planning company - Love Journeys with Jenn, and Love's Table which encompasses sweet treats, baked delights, and a catering company which she helps to run with her husband.