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Prayer & Ministry


I believe that God has amazing plans for your life. He desires for you to live out your destiny and be free from lies and bondage. Can I pray with you or speak a word into your life to encourage you? 

Contact me to learn more about SOZO Healing Prayer and Ministry available to you.

Empowerment Speaker & Facilitator


As a speaker and facilitator, my goal is to empower you to develop a more passionate relationship with God, yourself, and others so that you may live the life you were created to live. I would love to empower the guests at your conference or workshop

Love & Worship Coach


Love & Worship; two of my favorite things. My signature book, "Worshippers Make Better Lovers', identifies and magnifies the parallels between our relationship with God and the level of intimacy we experience with others. From that foundation, I coach  individuals, couples, and worship teams in the development of relationship and the Anointing.

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