• I'm here to help you live fulfilled! Are you ready to Liberate your Love?

    What I Do

    I work with those who are tired of living a life void of freedom and fulfillment. I help them to renounce life binding lies and empower them to live & Love. I am committed to helping you develop a true relationship with God so you can receive His love and live the life He created you for! You can count on me to be attentive to your needs. With transparent truth, I will empower you to live free!

    Liberating Yourself


    Many times people are struggling through life and can not understand why? Usually, without realizing it, they are operating negatively because of deep seeded issues or situations that occurred in the past. These are areas in which healing is needed. 

     If you desire to heal from wounds of the past, break free from strongholds, replace lies with truth, and close "doors" to the enemy; It is available and I am here to help you! Allow me to walk you through a guided process of healing so that you can experience the freedom that is truly meant for you! 

    Receiving God's Love & Loving God

    I believe that Worshippers make the best Lovers and that if people learn to truly worship, their lives would flourish and a fresh wind of freedom would catapult them into their next level of life!

    For this cause, Worshippers Make Better Lovers was written..

    As an Ordained Minister, Certified Life Coach and over 15 years Worship Coaching experience, I am excited to empower others through the curriculum, Worshippers Make Better Lovers. This curriculum provides clear understanding, practical application, and versatile  modes of delivery suitable for singles, couples, worship teams, small groups, classes, and congregations.

    Loving Others

    The Love of God is the fuel of all relationships. When you embrace it, every other relationship in your life will flourish. I will help you to break free into a loving, honest, transparent, free, and fulfilling relationship with the Lover of your Soul. The One & Only, God. 

    From there, if you are unmarried, I will assist you in preparing for your next level of life whether you're waiting for your mate or not!

    In addition, if you are ready to Ignite or Re-Ignite your worship unto God and the passion in your marriage, I am here to help you!

    The Time is NOW!

    You have waited long enough! Don't allow another moment to pass you by! 

    It's time to Live a Life of Love & Freedom!

    Liberating Your Love is My Life!

    Love has its very own labor. So when you need a lift, I, Jenn Ray, am here for you! I am a love & worship coach, published author, empowerment speaker, and entrepreneur at your service. 

    The Next Step...

    Don't wait any longer, you've wasted enough time.  It's time to open up your heart & love freely. If you are ready, then I am ready too. Contact me to help you Liberate your Love! 

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